Scarpello & Co

Our Story

Celebrating Tradition


On a cold winters evening in December 2010 the first fire was lit. The following morning fresh bread was baked & our story begins. Ten years later our tiny bakery has grown up & we have spread our wings. Though our central philosophy remains the same, “Product is King”.

Very much a family business Scarpello & Co (referred to fondly by many as Scarpello’s) was founded and is run by husband & wife team Kemal & Rachel Scarpello.

Initially a wood fired sourdough bakery, the concept was Kemal’s idea. He had long been inspired to bake an honest loaf. The tradition of baking long fermented breads was something he had been brought up with and taught by his father at his family home back in North Wales. Which further cemented his ambition to open a thriving food business after completing his studies at Leiths School of Food & Wine, London.

The original bakery is in the grounds of Rachel’s family farm in North West Donegal and has helped inspire our ethos and offering from day one for homemade fresh & seasonal food.